Bridget has been decorating with balloons for over twenty-five years.  She learned her craft under the wing of the industry’s premier innovator when he was developing and perfecting techniques in this unique art form.


Balloonage by Bridget works the old fashioned way: with artistic pride and meticulous attention to detail.  We don’t drop off pre-made items and disappear.


All work is done on site, so last minute adjustments and challenges such as special balloon drop effects and complicated installations can be handled with quiet competence.







Bridget has worked on drops ranging in scope from 100 balloons gently falling on the bride and groom as they begin their first dance to the stadium-sized spectacles seen at concerts, sporting events and political conventions.


Bridget specializes in finding innovative ways to install and operate drops. They work. Every time.





Free-standing, fixed, or hanging spiral (actually, it’s a quintuple helix!) columns are a simple and versatile way to transform any ordinary space into a set for any occasion. 


Columns and arches can be lighted from within to add a dramatic flair, as well as an elegant lighting source for the room.



Hanging spheres create a colorful setting without taking up floor-space.


Spheres can also be constructed with balloons containing individual color-changing LED lights for a dazzling and energizing look.






Company logos, celebrant’s names or other signage can be created with balloons. 


Lights can be added to increase impact as well as illuminate the room.




Centerpieces created with only balloons provide a “bigger bang for your buck” than flowers by adding to the overall look of the room in addition to accenting tables or bringing attention to special areas.








Giant balloons are a dramatic way of transforming large spaces.







A balloon tunnel at the entrance to a party can evoke a feeling of wonder and excitement for a child (and grown-ups too!) upon arrival.




Special pieces can be created for holiday or themed parties.






Copyright 2010, Bridget Polk