Bridget's Wood & Textile Art

First Carving.


3/4 door. Driftwood mosaic with plexi double windows filled with marbles.


Toys. Each carved from single piece of wood.


Walnut tripod with shell.

Tripod carved from single piece of wood. Shell carved by god. Given to Missy.



Walking stick.


Camel Through the Eye of a Needle in a Haystack.



Nice Butt.




The Van Halen. Made from a discarded old broken rocker.


A little bench.



Peeled bittersweet & driftwood.



Peeled bittersweet & driftwood.


9" chair. Given to Jenny.


12" chair. Given to Harry.


8"H x 10"W bench. Given to Carolyn.


12" chair. Given to Kim.


6" rocker.


Full-sized chair. Shaker-style woven seat. not well balanced, but extremely uncomfortable.


First chair. For crooked kid.


Tool and gardening cabinet.


I made the top part and attached it to the existing drawer deal. The door is from our kitchen hutch that broke. Open door rests on dowel that flips up on the side.


"Bridget, I have a friend with a cat that needs a boat to sleep in. can you make one? Don't worry about the bottom. I have a blanket for that"


Copyright 2010, Bridget Polk